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An initial no obligation consultation will be offered to find out what problems are confronting your business and how Company Horizons may be able to provide a successful outcome.

Company Horizons offers advice on practical business solutions to your business from small established to larger concerns, offering a down-to-earth cost effective approach. All services will be designed to suit your budget and meet your objectives. As someone that has managed a SME I can empathise with those trying to navigate through today's regulated and highly challenging marketplace. The purpose is to direct businesses into making clear decisions and approach those difficult judgments with a more diverse mindset.

Entrepreneurs that engage in being able to push their organisation a bit further will establish a competitive advantage over rivals.

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Business Overview

The first step is to have an overview of the business and establish an understanding of what the business does and does best.

Like an individual there is no company the same and all have different parameters and objectives, but collectively companies want to be successful and profitable.

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There is this old adage drive for more sales to more profit might be true in some cases, but often does not apply and is a haphazard strategy of increasing profitability.

Closer analysis could reveal that specific sales, which generate the most effort, deliver the lowest margins.

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There are numerous ways to market your business; some of the most cost effective are press releases and if you have a good news story the media are always there to facilitate.

Many businesses do not use this form of communication effectively, especially if they have a product or service that has a human interest. 

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