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There are numerous ways to market your business; some of the most cost effective are press releases and if you have a good news story the media are always there to facilitate. Many businesses do not use this form of communication effectively, especially if they have a product or service that has a human interest.

The new media is having an impact on the traditional forms of advertising through the print media. Internet advertising or e-marketing can be relatively cheap and its performance is easily measured. The plethora of social media sites are also being targeted by companies, as another way of communicating with consumers, especially in times where marketing budgets are being squeezed and more cost effective tactics are employed.

Being able to communicate what your business does effectively is often overlooked and this applies on your website, marketing material etc and it is frequently taken for granted that the potential and existing customer knows! How often does one hear, “I wasn’t aware you made or sold that product?

To be objective and focus how your business is perceived through a customer’s viewpoint and what is it that you produce or sell will gain repeat business. No matter how successfully a business is marketed; if the customers’ ‘journey’ is not a satisfying experience then the marketing mix will not achieve its goals.

Marketing Analysis

Requires a detailed review of where the principal target market is for your product or service. What are the market needs and are those needs being met? If the needs are not being met, then further analysis should point clearly on how that can be resolved.  There should also be an investigation of your direct and indirect competitors and an assessment of their competitive advantage. Can your own organisation adopt more creative methods for competitive advantage and assess what are the main barriers to entry if any?

Marketing Plan 

For a more in depth examination a detailed plan will include the following:

1. Products or services unique selling position (USP)

2. Sales /distribution plan

3. Advertising plan

Company Horizons facilitates with the following:

A marketing plan can be tailored to your organisation and meet those objectives that will guide the business to its next stage of development.

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